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Milk Hill, Wiltshire 01
Signs Movie
about the movie

The screenplay, which is set in Newtown, opens with Gibson, who plays Episcopalian priest Graham Hess in the movie, driving his car through the Bucks County countryside when he comes across an accident scene which involves his wife.
Gibson administers last rites to his wife as she lay on the side of the road. But something spiritual happens at the accident scene which affects Gibson greatly, even to the point of forcing him to question his own calling. Due to the trauma, he resigns as Newtown's reverend and returns to farming in Bucks County.
But crop circles begin to appear in his cornfields, thrusting him into the public limelight and launching him in to a quest to discover the truth behind the mystery.
In the end, Gibson eventually comes to grips with his faith, and the loss of his loved one, and the movie concludes with a thriller ending that's very spiritual.


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