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Milk Hill, Wiltshire 01
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Local Radio Station tries to prank the set:
By Raphaela (
On Wednesday, October 10, 2001 during the shoot in Newtown PA the Y100 Morning Show (100.3 out of Philadelphia) did a feature called "Send CaseyBoy Out with a Clipboard." The premise was to see how far he could get with a clipboard in his hand. His tasks were to:
1. Find the set.
2. Get on the set.
3. Claim he was M Night's half-brother (something like, Mojo Shyamalan).
4. Talk with M Night, or Mel Gibson.
CaseyBoy, reported into the station via a cell phone. He got as far as getting on the set, but his cover was blown when the head of security recognized him as Casey from the Morning Show. With a smile on his face, the head of security warned CaseyBoy that next time he was seen on the street, he'd be arrested. Next he made his way to the other side of the set. They herded everyone off the street, and he was asked if he was with the movie, to which CaseyBoy replied, "SURE!" and was allowed to stay. Soon after however, he was talking with a guy that worked there and it turns out, recognized CaseyBoy from High School. The guy said he couldn't help out CaseyBoy cuz he would have been fired if he did.


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